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We offer modern security features you won't find on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or most other sites.
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Buy your next vehicle direct from a private seller for less.
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CarStream Fraud Protection

Security features you won't find on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist

Authentic Vehicle Data
Verified User Identity
Transaction Security

Authentic Vehicle Data

How do I know the vehicle information is accurate?

In order to avoid the kind of fraud often found in unprotected private sales, title ownership details are confirmed with BMV and other state agency data before the transaction can go through.

CarStream also provides market data on every vehicle listed on our site to provide additional detail - at no cost to you!

Finally, we partnered with CARFAX to offer their Vehicle History Reports for listings at a heavily discounted rate. These reports provide the highest level of vehicle data available to consumers, including in-depth detail about the vehicle's history of ownership, service, and accidents.



Verified User Identity

How do I know a buyer or seller is who they say they are?

Before every purchase transaction, both sellers and buyers must submit to Plaid Identify Verification from their phone. We compare confirmed IDs against the title ownership data to ensure you're not buying or selling a stolen vehicle. If you buy a stolen car, you could be held liable for the car's value and could face criminal charges.

We go to great lengths to protect our users from potential fraud and ensure they are dealing with real people and legitimate vehicles.

Transaction Security

How do I know my financial data and payment are safe?

Your bank and credit card information is NEVER shared with other users, and is never stored by CarStream. Instead, we have integrated with industry leading service providers trusted by the world's largest financial institutions and banks to facilitate online transactions.

Buyers funds are held in escrow for a short period to ensure the payment can't be easily reversed - so sellers are protected.


Smooth, Simple & Secure

We understand that buying or selling a vehicle is a big deal, and the last thing you want is to drag the process out. CarStream has made the process of buying and selling seamless and secure.

In fact, we think you'll enjoy the experience. So what are you waiting for?